Photo Shoots, Head Shots, Video Branding

Photo Shoot Fee: $175 for 2 hours

Photographer will come to your location and shoot.

Weddings, parties, special events or just around the office.

Action shots, portraits, Head shots..

Action shots, portraits, Head shots..

Use the professional photos for your Facebook and Instagram accounts to help grow your business. Ask about our social media management!

Use the professional photos for your Facebook and Instagram accounts to help grow your business. Ask about our social media management!

Live Stream & Video Production

Fee: $75 an hour, (Minimum 2 hours)

Local and mobile live streams and real estate or any video shoot available, CMG owned or contracted studio live stream and/or in studio video/photo shoot available for additional fee.

CMGVideo would determine the manpower per event and schedule accordingly. The team will be determined by CMG and will be based on availability. This team would be paid, contracted and managed by Clovercrest Media Group and are fully insured.

Equipment and professional streaming software available and included in the fee: Inquire for more details

Video Editing Rate: $50 an hour

Consult, design, install, troubleshoot, build and recommend on any computer, networking, and/or live stream/audio studio.

Rate: $50 an hour.

Important Terms and Conditions:

  1. 2 weeks notice for any video production and/or live stream

  2. Any graphical elements, logos, watermarks, etc to be used during the live stream need to be provided in advance.

  3. We do not and can not provide internet for the live stream, this would be clients responsibility to provide and to verify that enough bandwidth is available to support the live stream you are hiring us to do. CMG can not be responsible for live streams that fail, stutter, or stream in low resolution due to internet limitations. Streaming from a cell phone is different than streaming an entire production with audio/video, graphical elements and external equipment, through OBS or vMix.

  4. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure the computer or device you want to stream from can support the minimum requirements to live stream.

  5. Min.2 hours is a requirement, this gives my team 1 hour to prep for the live stream, test internet connection, and prepare to go live or begin recording. Same for video shoots.

  6. A CMG Production credit on all live stream and video production we perform.

Referral Services

We have a list of video production studios and shooters/live streamers of all different levels of experience and skill sets. If you give us a rate that you are looking to pay a studio or shooter/live streamer we will put out a bid for the gig to our network.

Terms of referral service:

We just link clients with industry professionals, interns, and students, once connection is made the relationship is between the client and the referred. We take no responsibility in the work performed, management, payment, insurance, liability, etc. Once the connection is made CMG, our involvement is terminated. We are compensated by the referred and only once the referred secures the contract for the work.

Call for more details 860.436.6727