𝤿$15 Monthly CMGHosting *(Month to Month) :

CMGHosting will teach you how to store your MP3 files, generate your RSS feed, host your podcast’s website, and help you distribute your Work to the world. This is done through an easy to use user interface, that provides the podcaster with all the tools they need to manage their podcast. Upload, tag, submit to all streaming platforms, in-depth analytics, and more.


  1. Hosting of unlimited episodes

  2. Team member management

  3. Podcast Analytics

  4. Smart Podcast Player

  5. Branded Website Built Within Hosting Solution (Generic Podcast Website for Streaming only)

  6. Easy Import of your Work from your current hosting solution

  7. Easily Uploaded to iTunes, Google, Spotify, and all podcast streaming platforms from one easy location.

  8. No loss of Subscribers or downloads

  9. Limit 150,000 downloads a month*, unlimited streams.

  10. A 1 Hour long training session by Clovercrest Media Group on how to use hosting platform.

    *Once you reach 150,000 downloads a month, monthly hosting price raises to $30

𝥁$50 Monthly CMGPodcast Bundle : *(180 day agreement required)

Bundle with Clovercrest Media Group and take advantage of these additional benefits:


  1. One free VO promo provided by Joe Aguiar

  2. Access to categorized copyright free music beds, and audio samples to be used in your production.

  3. One free 30 second video promo, every 180 days to be used as promotion and marketing of your podcast visually. Produced with the direction of CMGVideo staff and shot and edited by CMGVideo interns.

  4. Four 1 hour long studio time a month at any CMG owned or contracted studios throughout Connecticut. 1 week notice is required for scheduling.

  5. One hour long live stream production per 180 day agreement, to the platform of Recipients choosing. This includes a director from CMGVideo and interns to plan and produce the live stream, location is of the Recipients choosing. CMG studios are setup to live stream, if Recipient wants a different location suitable internet* must be provided by Recipient.

  6. Unlimited online storage access with a team drive and unlimited team members to store any assets or items.

  7. Includes all the benefits of CMGHosting as defined under “CMGHosting”

*Suitable internet is defined by the industry standard for live streaming: 5Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream for a HD stream, most mobile internet connections can not offer a consistent un throttled data stream. Please verify with your internet provider that your service can support your live stream.

Add Ons:

𝥁$100 Website Design and Training:

4 hours total to be used by Recipient, these hours can be used for help with signing up for Squarespace, Wix, or other online website design platforms, training on best practices, SEO, and how to navigate the user interface.. This service is not for a custom built website but for training on how to use an all in one online website design platform.

Custom built websites are available upon request and negotiated with designer separately of these services

𝤿$300 Podcast audio bed creation:

  1. Created in conjunction with local artist Jamar Auda-Mars Smith and his company Auda-Beta Music, he will create with the help of local producers. 30 day completion time. This package includes:

  2. 30 minute conference call with Auda-Beta Music

  3. 30 second audio bed

  4. Exclusive rights in perpetuity to share, disseminate, promote and market in conjunction with the podcast.

  5. No rights are granted for you to recreate, re-sell, distribute, perform the track in any capacity without written consent of Auda-Beta Music group outside the context of the podcast.

  6. A contract that defines terms of use will be provided by Auda-Beta Music group.

  7. All genres and styles of music can be created.

Coming Soon

𝥁$15 monthly CMGAdvert :

Join in on CMGPodcast Promotions and company produced CT digital billboard Ad.

➢ Ads will always run in color ➢ Once weekly, 24 hr ad ➢ 527/10 second Ad flashes ➢ Statewide run ➢ Nationwide options available for additional fee

𝥁$30 Monthly CMGAdvert :

❖ CMG Partner Ad Buy, join CMGPodcast promotion and have your logo be included in all our promotional graphics for our ad buys throughout CT, with placement at small businesses and with CMG Partners.